As a team, you must have a DoR and a DoD for doing good Scrum


The Definition of Done is necessary in Scrum to deliver an (integrated) Product Increment at the end of the Sprint. The Scrum team has this to create Transparency and a common understanding when a (integrated Product) Increment is truly “Done”.

If we look at the Definition of Ready, regarding the Scrum Guide, we don’t see it showing up as an artifact of Transparency like the DoD. We see this sentence in the Scrum Guide, that is referring to “Ready”:

Product Backlog items that can be “Done” by the Development Team within one Sprint are deemed “Ready” for selection in a Sprint Planning.

So as the Scrum Team refines the PBI’s in the Sprint Planning and make those PBI’s more clear and add more detail, they are able to say if the PBI is possibly “Done” within the Sprint timebox, for example two weeks. If this is possible to the opinion of the Development Team? Let’s develop it!

In the end we don’t need the checkboxes to hit, and give the PBI a “Ready to develop” stamp, because we refine and take into account that change is part of the process. There is almost never an end state for a PBI before pulling it into the sprint as a Development Team, handling uncertainty and complexity is part of Scrum. We only need to know, according to the Development Team, if the PBI is possible to develop in the timebox we have stated for the Sprint. I would suggest that a “Definition of Ready” is a (good) supporting practice for the Scrum Framework, but don’t use it as a “gatekeeper” before it gets transferred to the next phase… Sounds a bit Waterfall isn’t it?

If you want to introduce a Definition of Ready, then I would suggest you use the INVEST acronym, introduced by Bill Wake. So, for this Myth or Fact, it is a Myth to have a DoR AND DoD in place to do good Scrum. Having a DoD in place is necessary, but to do good Scrum we need to do a lot more than only the DoD… Want to create a good DoD? Have a look at this blog post from Chee-Hong Hsia at It gives some good guidance on this DoD topic.